#Readuary Update

Hello, friends! This month I've been participating in Monica Watson's #Readuary challenge. This is a challenge to read for whatever amount of time works with your schedule everyday. So basically, it's a fun challenge to motivate you to read every day! If you want to learn more about it, here is the link to Monica's Youtube Video. I have really enjoyed Readuary so far, so I thought I would give a little update as to how it's going! I've done my take on a blog style "vlog", so I have been taking pictures (mostly selfies) of me periodically as I've been reading! Let's get into it!

Day One of Readuary: I'm super excited to get started! I am starting Readuary on page 199 of Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I am really enjoying this book so far, and I hope to finish it during this month!

Day Four: Here's a picture showing a little of my reading spot at home, isn't this blanket amazing?? I have also finally made it half way through Strange the Dreamer, page 267! 

Day Eight: Today was my first day of classes for this semester, so today was crazy and I didn't end up reading :(

Day Nine: My first night reading in my reading corner at my dorm room! I have made it to page 361!

Day Ten: Since I talked about my reading corner at school yesterday, I thought I would show a picture of it today! This is a backrest I got on Amazon, and I love it so much!

Day Twelve: I'm getting so close to the ending of this book, and IT IS SO GOOD! YES YES YES 

Day Thirteen: I ended up going to watch the first Star Wars prequel and some football games with my boyfriend, so while it was a really fun day, I didn't end up reading :( 

Day Fifteen: I ended up getting to page 470 tonight, I am so curious to find out what is going on with Lazlo! 

Have you heard about #Readuary?? What do you think about this style post? Leave me a comment down below! Thanks for reading!


  1. What a great idea! This is such a fun way of adapting the reading vlogs I've been seeing everywhere on BookTube lately, to the blog format. Super inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing.


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