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Mini Haul!

I have been trying so hard to save my money and make it last all summer, so I told myself I would only buy things that I needed or just couldn't live without. Then I got coupons to Barnes and Noble. No spend? What does that mean? So needless to say, I had to go and use my coupons on some books I've been eyeing for a while.       I had been wanting Everything Everything for a few months now, looking at it every time I was at Barnes and Noble but never actually picking it up. But with the movie coming out in a couple of days and having a 20% off coupon, I figured it was finally time that I picked up this book.       I had to get Always and Forever, Lara Jean because I absolutely loved the first two books in the series, and I was SO excited when I heard that Jenny Han had decided to make the duology a trilogy! I also had told myself if I finished well in school this semester I was allowed to buy myself this book, so I decided I needed to keep my promise to myself!       So,…


Hello readers!
I'm a tad bit late with this TBR, but I just got back home from college last week so I'm still getting into the swing of things again. This month I am hoping to get a few books knocked out as I will actually have time and I am behind on my Goodreads challenge for the year! These may not be the only books I read this month if I really get crazy, but for now I am going to give myself a realistic goal to start off the summer. Here are the books I'm hoping to read in May:

1) City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
          This is the fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series which I feel like I've been reading for FOREVER. Not because I am not enjoying them, they are just really big books and I tend to take a break from the series and read another stand alone book in between each book in the series. Cassandra Clare packs so much action and suspense into each novel that I am worn out by the end and I need to take a break to get myself ready for the next on…

Salt to the Sea Review

Hello readers!
I'm sorry I randomly fell off the Earth for a few months. I did exactly what I was afraid I would do and got completely caught up in college and 1) had barely any time to read and 2) didn't have time to blog. But I am finally back home and am ready to jump back into reading and my blog! I just finished Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, and LOVED it. Andddd, it's a signed copy which just makes it all the better!! Here are the details:

Author: Ruta Sepetys Title: Salt to the Sea  Publisher: Philomel Books Pages: 400 Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

  Salt to the Sea is a novel following four teens/young adults in World War II who are all trying to evacuate Germany to flee from the Russians. Each of them has a secret of some kind, and they must carry those secrets with them as they make their way across Germany to reach the Baltic Sea to hopefully board an evacuation ship. Ruta Sepetys shines a light on a piece of history that most people do not know ever happened, but was actual…