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January Uppercase Unboxing

Hi friends! I'm here with an unboxing for Uppercase's January box. I'm sorry that this unboxing is a bit late! I had it planned for last week, but I was tagged in the a Valentine's Day tag! The link to that post is here if you missed it 😊

Anyhoo, on to what this post is actually about! The amazing Uppercase box! They are a monthly YA subscription box which sends a newly released, signed, YA book each month along with some awesome bookish goodies. They also have an online reading experience for each of their books which can be accessed through codes on the book mark they send you. I really enjoy receiving this box each month, and if you want to look into it, I have the website linked here. Now, onto what was in January's box!

Here's how it looks when you first get it out of the packaging- so full of fun surprises just waiting to be opened!

1) An awesome wooden bookmark and a beautiful quote bookmark made by Vector Engraving! This was an Uppercase exclusive item…

Valentine Book Tag

Hi friends and Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!! I was tagged by Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger to do the Valentine Book Tag created by Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves! I am super excited to participate in my first book tag, so thank you to Jordan for tagging me!
Also, do you enjoy this awesome graphic above? Taiwo also created it because she is just that talented!

The Rules:1. Link back to this and mention Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves as the creator of this tag. 2. Link back to the person who tagged you and thank them! 3. Answer the questions (of course!) 4. You can use my graphic if you want but please mention me as the person who made it. Questions: 1) What book(s) have you been given as a gift that you loved?
My cousin gave me Cinder by Marissa Meyer a couple of years ago for Christmas because she saw it was on my Goodreads "want to read" list, and I ended up loving it! I asked for the rest of the series for Christmas this year and am currently reading Scarlet! 

2) What book(s) …

#Reduary Wrap Up

Hi friends!! January is officially over, so that means #Readuary has come to a close! I had an awesome time participating in this Twitter event, and I hope that Monica will do more reading challenges like this in the future! If you missed my mid-January post about my progress, you can check that out here. Now, let's get into how the second half of this month went for me!


P.S. If you want to read my review of Strange the Dreamer, click here!

Day 20: Starting Scarlet! I'm super excited because I loved Cinder, and I've been wanting to continue with the series!!

Day 21: I'm relaxing before I go to sleep, and I've already made it to page 50!

Days 23-25: Life got crazy for a hot second, and I didn't get to read 😔

Day 26: Finally getting to read again!

Day 29: My face when Prince Kai comes back into the story

Day 31: The end of Readuary!! I am so happy with the amount I got rea…