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Everything All At Once Review

Author: Katrina Leno

Pages: 358

Publisher: Harper Teen

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Lottie Reaves is not a risk taker. She plays it safe and avoids all the ways she might get hurt. But when her beloved aunt Helen dies of cancer, Lottie's fears about life and death start spiraling out of control. Aunt Helen wasn't a typical aunt. She was the author of the bestselling Alvin Hatter series, about siblings who discover the elixir of immortality. She knew how magical writing could be, and that words have the power to make you see things differently.
In her will, Aunt Helen leaves one writing project just for Lottie. It's a series  of letters, each containing mysterious instructions that are supposed to get Lottie to take a leap and- for once in her life- really live. But when the letters reveal an extraordinary secret about the inspiration for the Alvin Hatter series, Lottie finds herself faced with an impossible choice- one that will force her to confront her greatest fea…