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The Weekly Word

Hi, friends! Welcome to week 3 of the Weekly Word! I am not going to lie, this week I have struggled a little with my Bible reading. I fell off the wagon for a few days and did not read, but that is okay! This is a journey, and I am not going to be perfect at it. All that matters is that I am trying my best, and I still learned some valuable lessons!

This week I read Genesis 31-36, and I learned these little gems of encouragement:

Your struggle is not going unnoticed, God will come in His time  Sometimes in our lives, we may struggle for a long time- months, maybe even years, but our struggle is not going unnoticed. It can feel like we are all alone, and God has forgotten us because we are praying and trying but nothing ever changes. But, you are not alone! God always sees us, and He will bring justice in His own time. Jacob struggled for years, but God did come to bring him justice. In Genesis 31:42 Jacob says, "But God has seen my affliction and my hard work, and He brought his…

How I Organize My Goodreads Shelves

Hi, friends! As readers, a lot of us utilize Goodreads as a platform for finding new books, reviewing, and updating our progress. Although it's a great resource sometimes, the shelves can get super cluttered  and overwhelming! I have created three new shelves for myself to help get more organized, so I thought I would hop on here and explain how I organize my Goodreads shelves. If you would like to follow me on Goodreads, the link to my page is in the connect page of my blog!

First, I made a shelf for my physical TBR, "Books I Own and Need to Read"- very imaginative, I know. This way I can better keep up with what books I own and still need to read. This has been really helpful to me in actually knowing what I have, and I am able to track my goal of eliminating my physical TBR!

Next, I have my "Interested" shelf. These are books that I find on Goodreads that I am interested in the story, but I'm not dying to get my hands on them right this second. I like h…

The Weekly Word

Hi, friends! Congratulations on finishing another week and happy Sunday! This week I have been reading through Genesis, and I read Genesis 23-30. I am so excited that I am officially over halfway through Genesis! It has been such a blessing reading through this book, as God has shown me so many lessons. This week I want to share the following insights that I have learned this week, and I hope they encourage you and give you some motivation for the coming week! 
Pray often, and don't forget to give a prayer of thanks  Throughout Genesis, we see our main characters stopping periodically on their journey and praying to God for guidance. They pray with purpose, and they pray often. This is also how we should pray. When Abraham or Jacob prayed to God, they literally marked the spot. It was a big deal to them, as it should be to us. It is so amazing that the God of the universe listens to us and WANTS us to talk to Him! He will help us if we ask, so we need to pray often. We also can…

Booktubeathon Wrap Up

Hi, friends! I have had a great week participating in the Booktubeathon this year! It has been a crazy week as I moved into college on Sunday, but I still got a fair amount of reading done. I entered the world of audiobooks this week, and I found that I love them! Below I have a collage of pictures for each day of the week showing what I did that day. I'll also list my wrap up at the end. I hope you enjoy it! 
Day 1: If it wasn't for audiobooks, day 1 of Booktubeathon would have been a complete fail. But, I listened to my audiobook for a lot of the day, so that helped a lot! I also spent most of my afternoon with my boyfriend working on a project. We stained a bookshelf my Granddad made last weekend, and we finally moved it and his whole record collection into my room yesterday! Music was always our thing, so when he passed away last year he left me his records. They are finally with me now, and I am so happy! 
Day 2: This has been a sleepy day around the house. It's overca…

The Weekly Word

Hi, friends! Over the past weeks the Lord has put something on my heart. I try to read my Bible most mornings, and it truly gives me encouragement for the day ahead and puts me in a good mood! Since this blog is all about what I'm reading, I decided to add a weekly feature to share what I've read in the Bible this week and share a little encouragement! This is not meant to sound preachy at all, nor am I trying to push my beliefs on anyone, this is just meant to share a little love and a little encouragement into your day! My hope is that you will read this post, and it will give you some encouragement and inspiration for the week ahead.

I use the She Reads Truth Bible, which has devotionals throughout and wide margins for note taking, and I love it! I use an erasable pen (because ya girl can't write half the time), and I also colorcode using highlighters. Yellow stands for something I think is important, green is a promise God has made, and pink is something I love.

This …

Booktubeathon TBR

Hi, friends! It is that time of year again! It is time for the Booktubeathon! *thunderous applause in the background* The Booktubeathon is running July 30- August 5, and I am super excited to take part in this readathon again this year even though I obviously do not have a booktube channel. I still enjoy watching all of the videos, participating in the Twitter sprints, and, of course, reading as much as I can! If you want to join in on the fun, here is the Booktubeathon's YouTube channel where you can find out all the info you need to know! 
This year, my book line up for the week is as follows: 
Watership Down by Richard Adams This is a recommendation from my boyfriend, so we shall see how this goes. The last time I took his recommendation I hated the book lol This will be completing the challenges of let a coin toss decide your first read (it beat Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson) and read a book with green on the cover!A Conjuring of Light by V. E. SchwabI am SO EXCITED th…

2018 Goals Check-in

Hi friends! It has been a hot minute since I have posted, but I just really needed a break this summer from anything that felt like a deadline. This summer I have been enjoying an awesome internship, volunteering at a camp I LOVE, and relaxing with some good books! It has been just the break I needed to decompress from the school year, do some self care, and figure out what I want to be a priority in my life. I would love to allow myself more time for things that I enjoy and things that will build me up as a person. This includes giving myself time to relax, read, blog, and giving myself grace when I need it. I also want to make time with the Lord more of a priority. I don't speak to it much on my blog or social media, but I am a Christian and the Lord has really helped me to find my way as well as help me to believe in my self and gain self confidence. Of course, this is always a work in progress, but if you would like for me to post more on my experiences with God and speak to …

March Uppercase Unboxing

Hi friends! I know it's been a hot minute since I have done an unboxing, so I wanted to show you the Uppercase I got in  March! If you want to look into Uppercase for yourself because they are just so awesome, here is their website!

I skipped February's Uppercase unboxing post because I'm the worst and somehow lost the pictures I took of the February items 😅 This will also be last Uppercase unboxing for a while because my gift subscription that I got for Christmas ended with March's box. I will definitely miss getting this box in the mail each month because I love having a little bookish surprise each month! I hope to be able to buy myself a few months of subscriptions later in the year, so we shall see how that goes!

For now, here is what we got in March's Uppercase Box:

1) A Comma Necklace which is an Uppercase exclusive
       It is hard to see, but the necklace is a steal gray color! I thought it was super cute, and I always love to get short necklaces because…

Spring TBR

Hi, Friends! I am so sorry that I have been MIA for a month, but school just got a little crazy! I had to take a break from the blog for a few weeks until I could catch my breath again, but I am back now and hopefully good to go for the rest of the school year! Since I got so behind on posts, I am just going to start fresh with a Spring TBR since we just hopped into spring a week ago!

The spring includes the months of March, April, and May. I'm hoping to read the following books this season:

1) Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
This is the second book in Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. This book follows Scarlet, a girl who is searching for her grandmother who has been missing. She meets a street fighter named Wolf who may  have information as to where her grandmother is, and the two team up to find her grandmother. Meanwhile, Cinder is trying to escape prison. Scarlet and Wolf cross paths with Cinder and now they all have to try to stay one step ahead of the evil Queen Levana. 

I actu…

January Uppercase Unboxing

Hi friends! I'm here with an unboxing for Uppercase's January box. I'm sorry that this unboxing is a bit late! I had it planned for last week, but I was tagged in the a Valentine's Day tag! The link to that post is here if you missed it 😊

Anyhoo, on to what this post is actually about! The amazing Uppercase box! They are a monthly YA subscription box which sends a newly released, signed, YA book each month along with some awesome bookish goodies. They also have an online reading experience for each of their books which can be accessed through codes on the book mark they send you. I really enjoy receiving this box each month, and if you want to look into it, I have the website linked here. Now, onto what was in January's box!

Here's how it looks when you first get it out of the packaging- so full of fun surprises just waiting to be opened!

1) An awesome wooden bookmark and a beautiful quote bookmark made by Vector Engraving! This was an Uppercase exclusive item…

Valentine Book Tag

Hi friends and Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!! I was tagged by Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger to do the Valentine Book Tag created by Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves! I am super excited to participate in my first book tag, so thank you to Jordan for tagging me!
Also, do you enjoy this awesome graphic above? Taiwo also created it because she is just that talented!

The Rules:1. Link back to this and mention Taiwo @ Stuffed Shelves as the creator of this tag. 2. Link back to the person who tagged you and thank them! 3. Answer the questions (of course!) 4. You can use my graphic if you want but please mention me as the person who made it. Questions: 1) What book(s) have you been given as a gift that you loved?
My cousin gave me Cinder by Marissa Meyer a couple of years ago for Christmas because she saw it was on my Goodreads "want to read" list, and I ended up loving it! I asked for the rest of the series for Christmas this year and am currently reading Scarlet! 

2) What book(s) …

#Reduary Wrap Up

Hi friends!! January is officially over, so that means #Readuary has come to a close! I had an awesome time participating in this Twitter event, and I hope that Monica will do more reading challenges like this in the future! If you missed my mid-January post about my progress, you can check that out here. Now, let's get into how the second half of this month went for me!


P.S. If you want to read my review of Strange the Dreamer, click here!

Day 20: Starting Scarlet! I'm super excited because I loved Cinder, and I've been wanting to continue with the series!!

Day 21: I'm relaxing before I go to sleep, and I've already made it to page 50!

Days 23-25: Life got crazy for a hot second, and I didn't get to read 😔

Day 26: Finally getting to read again!

Day 29: My face when Prince Kai comes back into the story

Day 31: The end of Readuary!! I am so happy with the amount I got rea…