Everything, Everything Review

Hi guys, it's review time! Sorry it's been like 500 years since I've written a book review. I promise that I have a few up my sleeve that just need to be written, so watch for those soon! As for today, we are talking about Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon!
Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Author: Nicola Yoon


Publisher: Ember

Rating: 4.5 🌟/ 5

     I really enjoyed this book. I thought that the format of the book with all of Maddy's drawings and her and Olly's IMs was a really cute touch. This aspect of the book really made it feel like I knew Maddy better and could see her thoughts as they were in her head. It also made the book so easy to read, so I just breezed through the book and could really just enjoy this heartwarming, cute story. I thought the romance in this book was cute, I really liked Olly as a character. The adventure to Hawii was super fun in my opinion, it made me want to go jump in my car and take off on an adventure that I have always wanted to go on, but have always been too logical to go do! Why not be a little unrealistic sometimes and just take off and do something, right? I mean really what is stopping you?This wasn't an earth-shattering, complicated book, but it was a very simple, cute romance. Or as I would say, a cute, fluffy girl book, which is exactly what I love in the summer time 😄
     My favorite character in the book was probably Carla. I thought she was just so sweet and thoughtful, and I loved her and Maddy's relationship. Carla was so understanding and really took into account Maddy's feelings which I appreciated because sometimes it seemed that Maddy's mom was so focused on keeping Maddy safe that she didn't always listen to or fully take into account what Maddy wanted. I also liked that even after Carla was not Maddy's nurse anymore that she still cared for and was always supportive of Maddy and was there to catch her if she ever needed someone to run to.
     I did have a couple problems with this book though. As I went through the book I did see some inconsistencies in the foundation of the plot with Maddy's disease because I thought it was weird that Maddy could touch her mom and Carla without getting sick, she could eat whatever food her mom made that night, and when she and Olly secretly held hands and kissed, Maddy wasn't affected at all. I thought that she should have had some kind of reaction to this even though Olly had gone through decontamination. I just felt like standing in some high powered air couldn't completely decontaminate every little thing about a person, could it? Turns out I was right because when the plot twist hit it all made sense. I didn't expect the plot twist because I never thought that the entire disease that the book was centered on would just disappear, but it did make some of my questions make more sense. I don't know how I feel about this plot twist because I read a few other reviews on Goodreads and I came by one by a girl who actually has SCID. After reading her review about how she was so excited for her disease to finally be brought to light and then was let down when the book didn't completely portray it correctly and then Maddy got to just magically go outside one day and not be sick anymore, it made me think.  We shouldn't just toss around real diseases that people struggle with on a daily basis for a little plot device in a book. It just doesn't seem fair to those people truly living with the disease. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for reading my review, and I will talk with you again soon!


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