December Uppercase Unboxing

Hi friends! I'm here with an unboxing for you from Uppercase! If you haven't heard about Uppercase, they are a monthly subscription box which sends you a newly released YA book signed by the author as well as a couple of bookish goodies! They also have their own online reading experience in which you get a bookmark that has code words that correspond with page numbers in the book, and you can unlock awesome content online like videos from the author, comment posts where you can answer a question that has been posed and chat with other readers, and more! It is really awesome, and I had a great time with it in my first Uppercase in August. If you want to know more, or are interested in purchasing a subscription yourself, here is a link to their website!

So, enough with my rambling on, let's get to the unboxing!

The beauty itself, straight out of the mailer!

Here are the items one by one, as I pulled them out of the bag: 

1) An adorable pouch from Out of Print Clothing with a Hermione quote on it! 
        I personally haven't read Harry Potter (I know, the horror!), but I still thought this little pouch was adorable! I also appreciated that they chose an item with a quote that all book lovers could appreciate, even if you have't read Harry Potter. 

It even has a cute design on the back! 

2) A SwoonReads button!
        I was SO EXCITED about this button because I have always wanted a pin or button to put on my bookbag for school, but I can never find any cute bookish ones in stores! I immediately put this one on my bag, so everyone can know where my real priorities are ;)

3) Borrowers Bookmarks- An Uppercase exclusive item 
        Okay, I LOVE THESE. I have never seen anything like these, but they are genius! I love this idea, and they are so cute to go along with it! Let's be honest- any kind of stationary item I am here for, PLUS cute florals? This is my jam. 

4) The book! Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills- signed! I went ahead and included the reading experience bookmark in the photo with the book and our letter from the box creator which tells us what came in the box as well as a little note from the box creator, Lisa! 
        I was pretty excited when I saw this was the book for this month. I had been seeing this book everywhere and had been interested in it, so when I received it as the book of the month, I was super excited! Plus Emma Mills signed it in pink, so like hello- even better! 

That is everything that was in this December's Uppercase!

 I was really happy with everything I received, and can't wait for next month's box to come! What do you think of this month's box? Have you ever gotten Uppercase yourself? Tell me about it in the comments! 

Thank you for reading! 


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